Wichita State Head Coach Gregg Marshall on Knicks Forward Cleanthony Early

We caught up with Gregg Marshall to discuss promising small forward Cleanthony Early.

Many draft analysts pegged Early as a player who would land just outside the lottery, but he slipped all the way to Phil Jackson’s Knicks at pick No. 34. The 6-foot-8 small forward spent a stellar two seasons with the Shockers, leading them to a Final Four berth in 2013 and an undefeated regular season the following year. Jackson must have really liked the Wichita State product. How does Early’s college coach feel about him?

0:50 – Early’s baffling slip in the draft

1:55 – Playing with a chip on his shoulder

2:45 – Early’s ceiling at the pro level

3:20 – At Wichita State, “He allowed us to coach him” and “he played team basketball.”

4:22 – Areas in which Early can improve his game the most

5:06 – “He’s not intimidated by the moment or the big stage.”

6:20 – A story demonstrating Early’s selflessness (Sports Illustrated cover)