TLM Podcast Ep. 31

Joined by Red Army’s John Karalis to talk Boston Celtics.

The Celtics find themselves in unfamiliar territory — the lottery. To find out how Boston fans are reacting, John Karalis of RedsArmy.com joined us to speak for all Celtics fans (not really).

Of the topics covered (time stamps estimated):

  • Brad Stevens (his job this year, and how he fits long term) – 3:40
  • Rondo’s future – 18:15
  • Avery Bradley – 27:30
  • Kelly Olynyk – 37:40
  • Jared Sullinger – 43:45
  • Chris Johnson and Phil Pressey – 47:00
  • 2014 NBA Draft – 53:20

A lot is talked about in between, but those are the main points. I had more written down, but my notes are completely unreadable. The podcast however, is brilliant, all thanks to John’s A+ analysis. We thank him for coming on, and we thank you for listening. Enjoy your weekend people.

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