TLM Podcast Ep. 25

Discussing the Bobcats with Rufus On Fire’s Chris Barnewall

On this milestone 25th episode of The Lottery Mafia Podcast we were joined by Rufus On Fire’s Chris Barnewall to discuss The Charlotte Bobcats. Among the topics we discussed:

(Time stamps are estimated)

  • Steve Clifford and his coach of the year candidacy (5:00 min)
  • How the culture has changed in Charlotte and the strength of the locker room (16:20)
  • What the playoffs mean to the fans and the team (24:15)
  • Looking at the possible first round playoff matchups (Pacers, Raptors, Bulls, Heat) and discussing which teams the Cats will want and not want to face (34:25). We specifically examine the Pacers matchup at the 39:00 minute mark.
  • Finally, looking at MKG and Cody Zeller’s development and projecting their long term futures. Zeller: (48:45) MKG: (1:00:00)

We had a lot of fun this week, and we thank Chris for coming on. Shoutout to DJ complete for the amazing Bobcats playoff anthem (you’ll know what we mean early in the podcast). Also, thank you to everyone who continues to listen. Last week’s podcast broke the 700 hit mark, the first one to do so. Seriously, I say this every week, but all of you rock.

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