Where Might Lance Land?

Will someone take a chance on Lance, or are the Hornets stuck with him? Though Rajon Rondo trade rumors sent ripples through the Twitter-sphere and Lance Stephenson suffered a groin injury that forced him out of the game during the Hornets’ fourth straight loss on Wednesday, on Thursday morning at 1:53 am EST Adrian Wojnarowski […]


Draft Profile: Kelly Oubre

Still adapting to the flow of college hoops, can a strong second half of the season vault Oubre back into top-10 consideration?

Advocating for the Abolition Of Conferences Without Overhauling the Schedule

In response to Zach Lowe’s “Searching for Balance: The NBA’s Lopsided Conference Problem,” in which Lowe continues his deep diving of the league’s decade-long debacle, he suggests exactly what I was set to propose—namely, that the league get rid of conferences, but without changing the traditional NBA regular season schedule. As Lowe said, the schedule […]